What to expect from breast implants

Breast Implant

What are breast implants?

Breast implants come in the form of a soft silicone shell filled with either silicone gel or saline solution. The implant itself is placed under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle beneath the breast, in the attempt to improve the appearance, size or function of the breast. Breast implants are available in two forms, round and anatomical, both of which work to improve the appearance of the breast. The round implants enhance the upper part of the breast, however are prone to drooping after a period of time as a result of gravity taking effect. Anatomical implants, or teardrop implants, are named according to their style and shape. Anatomical implants tend to complement the line of the breasts more effectively, whilst being known to have an increased life when compared to that of round implants.

When it comes to surgically inserting the implants, this can be achieved using one of three incision techniques, which include:

  • Inframammary Incision

The inframammary incision is made through the inframammary fold where the breast and chest meet. A pocket is made behind the breast tissue through which the implant is positioned.

  • Periareolar Incision

The periareolar incision is made around the edge of the nipple where it meets the breast tissue. The implant is placed through the passage of the nipple into its final position.

  • Transaxillary Incision

The transaxillary incision is made under the arm in the armpit area. A channel is made from the armpit to the breast in which the implant will be guided before being placed in its final position.

Whatever your preference, it is recommended you discuss the most suitable surgical options for you when receiving breast implants.

Where are breast implants positioned?

As mentioned, breast implants can be positioned in one of two ways, sub-muscular and sub-glandular.

Sub-muscular implants are positioned behind both the breast and pectoral muscle structures, allowing for a decreased likelihood of capsular contraction. It must be noted sub-muscular implants generally require a longer period of recovery, whilst patients are said to experience heightened post-procedure discomfort.

Sub-glandular implants are positioned behind the breast, but over the pectoral muscle structures covering the chest. This allows for a decreased likelihood of the implant rubbing against the muscles, thus allowing the implant to maintain its original shape. Sub-glandular placement is advantageous in the fact that it is less painful and has faster recovery times.

How much are breast implants?

Breast implant surgery is one of the most popular surgical procedures, as it allows women to enhance the appearance and function of their breasts. When it comes to the costs associated with breast implants, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. These include the type of implant (silicone or saline), the shape of the implant (round or teardrop), the positioning of the implant (sub-muscular and sub-glandular) and the placement of the incision. Additionally, an initial consultation is necessary to determine the most suitable options available when enhancing the appearance of your breasts.

Natural looking breast implants

Dr Margaret Anderson is highly experienced in providing women with the breasts they deserve. After the completion of surgery, swelling in the breasts may take anywhere between three to five weeks to disappear, with scars remaining firm for at least six weeks. During this period it is recommended that women take care in treating scarring to ensure it subsides over time.

Dr Margaret Anderson is passionate about assisting women in improving the appearance and function of their breasts in one singular procedure, providing you with the natural looking breasts you deserve.


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