Thigh Lipectomy

Remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the inner thigh.

Excess skin and fatty tissue is a common problem in the inner thigh region, particularly following large volume weight loss.   If you suffer from this condition you are likely also aware that this redundant or excess skin and fatty tissue in the inner thigh region can lead to infection through rubbing, or to other conditions such as fungal disease. These problems can become chronic and a source of embarrassment, as well as a health risk. Excessive fatty deposits on the inner thighs, coupled with skin excess, can also reduce mobility and will largely determine the type of clothes that can and cannot be worn.
Both men and women who have experienced significant weight loss are excellent candidates for thigh reduction surgery, as these patients usually have hanging skin in the thigh area that exercise cannot repair.

A thigh reduction, or wedge excision of the thighs, is the surgical technique used to help correct this problem.

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