Called lipoplasty, lipectomy and liposculpture,
is a body contouring procedure designed to permanently
remove excess fat deposits from the body.

Dr Margaret Anderson offers Liposuction at our Adelaide practice to remove stubborn fat

Liposuction is a surgical procedure for removing localised deposits of subcutaneous fat anywhere in the body. This technique uses small incisions and high vacuum to remove fat cells in selected regions and so improving the body contour in these areas. Fat distribution is determined by two factors – heredity and diet. Heredity determines the location and number of individual fat cells which are fixed and unchanging after puberty. Diet can increase or decrease the amount of fat in each cell but will not affect the total number of cells or their distribution. For example, if you have inherited large numbers of fat cells on your thighs and small numbers of fat cells on your chest, you will always have more fat on the thighs than on the chest, and strenuous attempts at weight loss can leave you with a thin upper body and persistently bulky thighs. When considering Liposuction, there are several elements to be considered.

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