Environ Products

Beauty begins with beautiful skin.

Dr Margaret Anderson is delighted to be an Environ stockist.

Environ Products are a carefully formulated skin care line that customers can now access from Dr Anderson’s practice.

Environ has been formulated by Dr Des Fernandes and his team to correct the chronic deficiency of Vitamin A and antioxidants, that all of us are subject to, on the exposed areas of the skin.

The formulae of Environ Products are entirely based on the need to replenish all of the nutrients that are lost by exposure to the sun and other harmful environmental influences, such as smoke and  air pollution.  Environ has the added ability to moisturise the skin at the same time. The products have won numerous international awards and are suitable for all age groups and skin types.

Environs’ key to success is in the unique “step-up” system, which enables the skin to acclimatise to the highest and most effective dose of topical vitamin A.

The product is manufactured in Environs’ state of the art, sterile manufacturing facility.  The products are manufactured and filled under red light in a vacuum,  to prevent exposure to light and air (in order to optimize the effectiveness of the active ingredients).

Each batch is then scientifically tested by internationally accredited, independent laboratories to check the chemical content and sterility of the products.

It is only after passing this procedure that each product is made available for the consumer.

Official Environ Product stockists, such as Dr Margaret Anderson, must complete a stringent training program before being able to sell the product line.

Subsequently, Environ products are not sold online, so if you are in the North Adelaide area and are looking for quality skin care products we do have the complete range.

Find out more here.

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