Breast Reduction

Back Pain. Bouncing Soreness. Inability to Exercise.

Breast Reduction with Adelaide Surgeon Dr. Margaret Anderson

If excessively large breasts are preventing you from living an active and fulfilling lifestyle, it’s time to consider breast reduction surgery.  Adelaide general surgeon Dr. Margaret Anderson will work with you to achieve results that don’t just make you feel confident and beautiful, they will also improve your quality of life.

Undergoing breast reduction treatment can help you reclaim your self-confidence, eliminating the insecurities you may have about your cup size.

Are your overly large and heavy breasts affecting your posture?  Is that impacting your neck, your back and causing shoulder pain?

Are you getting chafing, rashes or skin infections under your breast from rubbing, heat and movement?

Do your breasts get in the way of you exercising?  Or do they bounce when you run or perform cardio exercises or do they even prevent you from doing a push up?

Overly large breasts can have a huge impact on your self-consciousness.  Whether it’s from the ongoing problem of never being able to find well-fitting clothing to being stared at or even isolated from peer groups.

It’s time to consider breast reduction surgery.

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Dr Margaret Anderson is dedicated to helping you on your transformative journey. She is a highly skilled and experienced surgeon, who strives to assist all of her patients as best as she can. She understands that every person has an individual story and reasons for their procedure and will work with you to ensure that your surgical plan is the one best suited for your needs.

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