Breast Augmentation

Called lipoplasty, lipectomy and liposculpture,
is a body contouring procedure designed to permanently
remove excess fat deposits from the body.

Dr Margaret Anderson aspires to transform our patients’ bodies with world-class breast augmentation surgery.

The number of breast augmentation operations is on the increase and the demand for natural-looking breasts is the goal of successful implant operation.

Dr. Margaret Anderson has women come from across Australia for her expertise in Breast Augmentation and other breast enhancement procedures.

As a woman, Dr. Anderson understands the important role your breasts play in your identity and sense of femininity.  Whether you’ve always struggled with your satisfaction with your breasts or whether this is the result of age or pregnancy, Dr. Anderson can help.

People have cosmetic surgery for a range of reasons – reconstruction, health, appearance and self-esteem. Dr Margaret Anderson (Adelaide Leading Female Surgeon) is a leading specialist who is dedicated to helping you achieve the body you have always desired. In addition to world-class surgical skill, we also offer personalized and supportive care, to ensure every one of our patients is informed and confident about their surgical journey.

Dr Margaret Anderson

With extensive experience in augmentation as well as breast reduction and breast lift operations, Dr Margaret Anderson can obtain long-lasting and beautiful results for her patients.

Your Experience – Breast Augmentation

We offer high standards of professional and personalised care with staff that are similarly professional, kind and non-judgemental.

Your Choice

All the different types of implants, with varying sizes, are on display in the examination room thus making an informed decision easier and varying sizes can be tried to give a good indication of the post-operative appearance.

Breast Enhancement Adelaide

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