Also Known As a 'Tummy Tuck'

Feel Comfortable and Confident With Your Body

Get the tummy you’ve always wanted.  Stubborn fats and rolls can cost confidence and self-esteem.  Tummy tuck surgery or Abdominoplasty removes excess fat and sagging skin from the lower and middle part of the abdomen.  An Abdominoplasty also can repair separated muscles in the middle to lower abdomen which results in a flatter, firmer abdomen.

Tummy tucks are surgical procedures that can shape your body and curves and help you achieve the figure you have been striving for. Along with information about both of these procedures, our guide also includes details on how to look after yourself post-surgery. Topics covered in the guide include:

  • Why you may consider body contouring to aid personal and post-pregnancy weight loss.
  • How liposuction and abdominoplasty work and what you can expect from the procedure.
  • How you can look after yourself post-procedure.
  • Tips for maintaining and improving your health and wellbeing.

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Dr Margaret Anderson is dedicated to helping you on your transformative journey. She is a highly skilled and experienced surgeon, who strives to assist all of her patients as best as she can. She understands that every person has an individual story and reasons for their procedure and will work with you to ensure that your surgical plan is the one best suited for your needs.


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Body Contouring Guide

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