Breast Implant Complications

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Less than 2% especially if a bloodless technique is used and blood thinners (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Fish Oil and herbals) are stopped pre-operatively for at least two weeks.

Sensory changes

15% – dysesthesia or anaesthesia may last for a few weeks. If still present after first year, it may be caused by damage to or stretching of the intercostal nerves.


1 – 2% – decreased with betadine skin preparation and intra-operative antibiotic wash of the pocket and IV antibiotics. Baths are not allowed post-operatively and always dry the dressing with a hair-dryer after a shower.


Rarely do hypertrophic scars form. A silicone gel patch can be applied.


Associated with breast size and shape, with pocket dissection or capsular contraction.


With a totally sub-muscular position, the implant may migrate superiorly. Laterally with too much lateral dissection and inferiorly “bottom out” – this is more likely with a larger implant. Re-operation may be required for correction.


Maybe felt with an under-filled implant leading to a fold in the outer shell. The pocket may be tight, your skin may be thin, or there may be adhesion to the envelope, restricting movement.

Capsular contraction

Is a capsule of scar tissue. This can become thickened with resulting breast firmness. The exact cause is unknown but factors that may lead to this complication include seroma (development of extra fluid around the implant), haematoma, infection and smoking. Most cases will need further surgery.

 Leaking implants (from valve failure)

+/- 2%. This may result from natural ageing of the implant or excessive compression or trauma. Saline is absorbed by the body. Silicon implant leaks are either intrascapsular or extracapsular (into the breast tissue). As the gel is now the consistency of thick sticky toothpaste, it often remains in the implant even with a rupture.

Research has shown no link between breast cancer and breast implants. Similarly, there is no association found with connective tissue diseases.

Breast augmentation complications

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Within two years of having implants, women have reported signs and symptoms of connective tissue disease such as increased muscle weakness, fatigue and even muscle and joint…

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