You don’t have to give up looking natural for enhanced breasts

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Concerns of looking unnatural are common when considering breast implants, however North Adelaide Medical Centre strives to create a natural bust every time.


Breast implants require meticulous artistry and skill in order to look natural in both shape, size and fall. Lucky North Adelaide Medical centre has special interest in breast enhancements as well as a number of other cosmetic surgery enhancements. We also offer liposuction, breast lifts and breast reductions as a means to enhance the female form and provide feminine curves.

Most women feel inadequate if they do not have the right amount of curves. Celebrities are a cause for a lot of self-confidence issues and concerns when it comes to our own bodies and our desires. There is no more feminine curve than the breast so it’s no wonder that a lot of more flat-chested women are opting for augmentation.

We use our precise cosmetic medical knowledge in order to construct and redesign your breasts

Our medical knowledge is extremely proficient and our surgeons hands are delicate and gentle. North Adelaide Medical Centre is dedicated to your wellbeing, which includes your confidence and self-esteem. In order to create the most natural looking breasts we build a design stemming from the structure of your own muscle formation in the chest. We will utilise our consultation appointments to have a variety of fittings so that you are one hundred percent happy with your choice of breast augmentation as well as the position of the implants. We also offer a variety of different shapes and sizes of breast implants including round and anatomical shapes, smooth and rough textures and saline and silicone implant types.

How do I know which type and shape etc. is best for me?

One of North Adelaide’s Medical Centre’s prestigious doctors will consult with you in-depth about your operation and breast design. One of the most important decisions is the implant shape – being round or anatomical. Round implants make the upper breast appear fuller, while anatomical implants look a lot more natural and resemble the natural fall of the breast in a teardrop formation while still making the breast look supple and youthful.

During surgery we will form the perfectly womanly curves

During your surgery we will analyse the structure of your natural breast tissue and attach your implants partially under the muscle to create a much more natural look. This procedure where the implants are inserted partially beneath the ‘pecs’ or pectorial muscles is referred to as a “dual plane” implant procedure. Not only does it enhance the natural appearance and fall of their breast, it also decreases the risk of capular contracture which is defined as an abnormal reaction of the immune system which in this case may cause your body to reject the implant. Once your subpectoral implants have been inserted, your surgeon will utilise a sizer in order to confirm whether smaller or larger implants are required. Your surgery will be completed once your surgeon is completely content with the position of your breasts and once this is confirmed he or she will make sure that they fall completely symmetrically and will then close the two incisions that were created to insert the implants.

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