December 1, 2014

After Surgery Care

Breast augmentation surgery requires a general anaesthetic, with the operation taking 1-2 hours, and is usually performed as a day-stay or overnight-stay procedure. Read on to […]
December 1, 2014

The Procedure

Breast augmentation procedure Natural-looking breasts are the goal of a successful implant operation performed by Dr Margaret Anderson in Adelaide Breast augmentation surgery Procedure requires a general […]
December 1, 2014

Before Surgery

Dr Margaret Anderson will thoroughly prepare you with all the information you need prior to your breast augmentation at her Adelaide practice Dr Margaret Anderson aspires […]
July 8, 2014

Making the right choice about breast implant design

The decision to have your breasts enhanced goes far beyond just choosing to have the procedure After you have made the decision to have your breasts […]
July 1, 2014

Breast reduction: a choice for your wellbeing

For many women the choice to reduce their breast size is made with their health in mind. Dr Margaret Anderson and our team of medical professionals […]
May 1, 2014

News just in – Non-surgical cosmetic procedures on the rise!

Want the youthful look without the surgery? Men and women all over the world are starting to lean a little more towards the less invasive treatments […]
March 6, 2014

Anti-Wrinkle injections: The liquid facelift

Anti-wrinkle injections are often referred to as the liquid facelift as they offer a non-surgical and safe alternative to going under the knife… Many patients opt […]
January 31, 2014

Understanding breast implant options

If you have made a conscious choice to undergo breast augmentation, specifically, a breast enlargement, you may be wondering about which type, shape and size will […]
December 22, 2013

Keep the fat off: New research suggests tummy tucks can lead to lasting weight loss

More people are opting to undergo a tummy tuck procedure following significant weight loss to remove their excess skin and to help maintain their new figure. […]
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