How Will I Know What Size Breast Implants Are Best For Me?

How Will I Know What Size Breast Implants Are Best For Me

Dr Margaret Anderson takes this question very seriously, as the size you choose will be with you for the long-term… Are you considering a breast augmentation procedure to increase the size of your breastsDr Margaret Anderson understands the main reasons women look to breast augmentation surgery which include: Lifting or…

Breast Augmentation still number 1


Breast Augmentation Is Still the Number 1 Cosmetic Surgical Procedure Last year more than 14 million cosmetic procedures were performed and over 11 billion dollars spent. These cosmetic procedures included surgical, minimally invasive and reconstructive treatments. The most popular cosmetic surgical treatment was breast augmentation with liposuction coming in at…

Do the benefits of liposuction go beneath the waist line?


There is constant debate about the health benefits of liposuction, so how do you know what to believe? When it comes to liposuction there is almost a division of supporters cut straight down the middle in accordance to its effect on your health. New studies have shown that liposuction may…

Get the 3 most desired assets with North Adelaide Medical Centre

North Adelaide medical centre can help you shape your breasts, buttocks and belly with many if our medically performed procedures Here at the North Adelaide Medical Centre your inner body image is what matters to us. We are here to fulfil your body desires in our completely safe medical cosmetic…

You don’t have to give up looking natural for enhanced breasts

breast reduction surgery adelaide

Concerns of looking unnatural are common when considering breast implants, however North Adelaide Medical Centre strives to create a natural bust every time.   Breast implants require meticulous artistry and skill in order to look natural in both shape, size and fall. Lucky North Adelaide Medical centre has special interest…

Liposuction: the new research that may surprise you


There are scientifically proven health benefits of liposuction In a study that was only published last week, it appears that liposuction may have health benefits we were not entirely aware of before. Three hundred liposuction patients participated in a trail where their fat levels in the blood (measured as triglycerides)…

Tummy tucks on the rise in countries with high obesity rates

Body contouring surgeries such as tummy tucks and liposuction are becoming increasingly popular Liposuction is still the most popular form of cosmetic surgery and Botulinum Toxin A is the most popular non-surgical procedure. The international Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery performed a survey of 32000 cosmetic surgeons worldwide and found…

Easy ways to feel good about your breasts


At North Adelaide Medical Centre we understand how sometimes we are not satisfied with our figures… and is why we have produced these amazing techniques to feel good about yourself!   The woman's breast is considered as an icon of femininity. Deviations from the regular size, contour and proportion are…

It seems even supermodels feel the need to go undergo surgery

New photos have spotted supermodel Maria Fowler sporting brand new bod! Model Maria Fowler went under the knife about a month ago, and has emerged in a gorgeous, figure-hugging black dress. It is obvious she is happy with her new figure, after receiving full-body liposuction. Just goes to show –…

Best Breast Implants in Hollywood

If you are considering a breast augmentation procedure, it is important to select a size appropriate for your body type We always notice the shocking breast augmentation procedures, (Heidi Montag and Pamela Anderson we are looking at you!) but among the bevvy of beauties in Hollywood there are some stars…

Social media snaps start plastic surgery trend

Pictures on Facebook have led women to plastic surgery Ever wanted to delete a friend’s photo or un-tag yourself from it on Facebook? For many Australian women, and other women all over the world, this is the case every day. So much do they dislike their Facebook photos that some…

TV personality and businesswoman Kris Jenner goes under the knife

Recent episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians show Kris flaunting her new bosom Mother-of-four Kris Jenner has gone under the knife to receive breast implants, a move that has the public scrutinizing her motives. Where she says she went through with the procedure to look younger, other onlookers question…

Breast Augmentation overseas can cost you more than you think!

Breast Augmentation overseas can cost you more than you think

Cosmetic surgery holidays are becoming increasingly popular for Australians Around 10,000 Australians travelled to Thailand last year to receive discounted cosmetic surgery, and this is a trend that is on the rise annually. Flights, accommodation and the cost of the surgery in Thailand can be found for less than half…

Get your body back with a mummy makeover!

Plastic surgeons in America have noticed that a growing number of women are requesting ‘mummy makeovers’ to get their pre-pregnancy figures back after having children. This is thought to be mainly an effect of women’s changing attitudes to cosmetic surgery. Women are no longer afraid to admit that although they…

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Within two years of having implants, women have reported signs and symptoms of connective tissue disease such as increased muscle weakness, fatigue and even muscle and joint…

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