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At the forefront of her industry, Dr Margaret Anderson offers her world-class surgical skills coupled with a personalised care to ensure you are informed and confident in every aspect of your surgical journey.

Dr Margaret Anderson is a leading specialist who is dedicated to helping you achieve the body you have dreamed of. Patients seek out plastic surgery as a solution for reconstruction concerns, appearance, and most favoured by Dr Anderson and her team, health and self-esteem.

Achieve your best surgical results

Surgery does not automatically solve any confidence or lifestyle issues that a person may have. A strong mentality and stable life are an assurance that you can embark on surgery, without the unrealistic reliance that it will fix everything.

For you to achieve the best post-surgery results, it is essential you follow a healthy diet and exercise regime during the lead up to your surgery. Dr Margaret Anderson can confirm that surgical results of patients who live a healthy and active life are far greater than those that disregard this guidance.

Sustain a healthy weight

Live a more fulfilling lifestyle with Ultra Lite

When it comes to your general health and living a healthy lifestyle, Dr Margaret Anderson wants to help you on your journey. Dr Anderson has reviewed the clinical research and science behind the Ultra Lite weight loss and detox program. In her expertise, she has found the results to be considered a premium and sustainable weight-loss program. Coupled with successful medical trials and thousands of patient outcomes, Dr Anderson supports this diet system and reveres it far above the rest. Based on the World Health Organisation’s recommendations, this program provides all the necessary and balanced amounts of protein carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids.

The Ultra Lite weight loss and detox programs are a naturally balanced diet that does not deplete your body of vital fluids and muscle mass. For this reason, it is sustainable unlike many other quick weight loss programs on the market.  This program focuses on avoiding refined carbohydrates and sugar, and limiting excess carbohydrates to maximise fat loss by burning the stored fat, and providing energy. For more information on the Ultra Lite weight loss and detox program.

Dr Margaret Anderson delivers on unparalleled care

Specialising in liposuction procedures, Dr Margaret Anderson is your leading female surgeon in Adelaide. Weight loss can be an emotional journey and as a female surgeon, Dr Anderson delivers on unparalleled care and compassionate support in all matter of weight loss and surgery.  She will discuss your concerns regarding any surgical procedure and present a tailored treatment for your individual desires. To book a consultation, please visit us online or call (08) 8267 6844.

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Within two years of having implants, women have reported signs and symptoms of connective tissue disease such as increased muscle weakness, fatigue and even muscle and joint…

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