Quotations from Patients


Quotations made by patients undergoing weight loss.

  • “I eat for emotional reasons – as in indulgence (to spoil myself)”
  • “I eat due to boredom, or because of anger and self-pity”
  • “I often ate choosing the wrong foods – that are nutritionally empty”
  • “Reduce the size of meals, use smaller plate, eat more slowly”
  • “Not having set times to eat i.e eat only when actually hungry – move to freedom.”
  • “Change food choices – attitudes – bodies. Choose lean, healthy food.”
  • “I needed to become stronger, more self-assertive and needed to take care of myself and not wait for things to happen to me anymore.”
  • “When someone has confidence in you – that you can do it and you see that others can do it,  it makes you believe in yourself  –  that you actually can also  “just do it.”
  • “Eating was a way of coping – with me it was for unresolved grief – when something went wrong at home my mother would say  “Well,   let’s have an ice block ”   Issues were never faced – and food was given instead.”
  • “I was an emotional eater — I always ate when I felt depressed, then I felt worse. You can cut out all the sugar;  you can make choice and sacrifices.”
  • “Just start to love yourself and take better care of yourself “
  • “One day at a time, one step at a time, one kilo at a time.”
  • “Do not accept the passive role of being a victim.”
  • “Face your insecurities (we all have them), relationship problems or communication issues.”
  • “Develop an increased personal strength, see setbacks or difficulties as challenges,  which can lead to growth.” 
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