Liposuction: the new research that may surprise you

There are scientifically proven health benefits of liposuction

In a study that was only published last week, it appears that liposuction may have health benefits we were not entirely aware of before. Three hundred liposuction patients participated in a trail where their fat levels in the blood (measured as triglycerides) were tested before and after surgery. The reason for this trial was to look at the effect of liposuction on the body beyond the aesthetic results.


A high-level of triglycerides (fat molecules) is known to increase the risk of diabetes and heart diseases; these in turn cause heart attacks and strokes. The result of this study is that while liposuction reduces the total amount of body fat, it also reduces the levels of triglycerides in patients with at-risk levels of triglycerides before surgery; the liposuction was more effective for these patients than the normally prescribed medicine for the illness (although we are by no means advocating liposuction as an alternative, however if you do have liposuction you will benefit from these amazing results).

The study performed by the Society of Plastic Surgeons in an overseas country also found that liposuction reduces the white cell blood count; white cells are known to be healthier in low levels.

The results…

It is important to note that the people in these trials were all looking to lose those stubborn areas of fat. Liposuction is a cosmetic treatment that targets specific areas of fat in the body. It is not a weight loss solution.
The results for the 300 liposuction patients who participated in the trial were that patients with higher levels of triglycerides had a 43% reduction after 3 months. However, the lead plastic surgeon of the study said that the long-term benefits of liposuction (beyond the visible aesthetic benefits) are still under investigation.

Liposuction…at North Adelaide Medical Centre

It is important to remember: liposuction is not a weight loss solution. But if dieting and exercising isn’t getting rid of those annoyingly stubborn areas of fat than liposuction can help you. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves small incisions and a vacuum that gets rid of fat cells in selected areas.

Liposuction is permanent—if weight is gained after the treatment the fat will appear in areas other than those treated; at most the area that underwent liposuction will return to what it was prior to the treatment.

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