It seems even supermodels feel the need to go undergo surgery

New photos have spotted supermodel Maria Fowler sporting brand new bod!

Model Maria Fowler went under the knife about a month ago, and has emerged in a gorgeous, figure-hugging black dress. It is obvious she is happy with her new figure, after receiving full-body liposuction. Just goes to show – even the most beautiful women still feel the need to undergo cosmetic surgery!

Love the skin you are in at North Adelaide Medical Centre…

Liposuction is a surgical procedure, which is why at North Adelaide Medical Centre, our experienced surgeon, Dr Margaret Anderson, will consult with you to ensure you are fully informed in every aspect of the procedure. We want to help you achieve your goals, so we will help to tailor the perfect treatment plan for your individual needs.

We know you are beautiful, and only want you to believe it, too! This is why we offer an array of surgical procedures for those who have battled with obesity and have overcome most of their goals, and just need a hand to get rid of those last few pockets of fatty tissue. At North Adelaide Medical Centre, we only recommend liposuction for those close to their weight goals, that haven’t been able to lose it with a healthy diet and exercise.

Discover your ideal form with the help of Dr Margaret Anderson at our North Adelaide cosmetic clinic.

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