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Plastic surgeons in America have noticed that a growing number of women are requesting ‘mummy makeovers’ to get their pre-pregnancy figures back after having children.

This is thought to be mainly an effect of women’s changing attitudes to cosmetic surgery. Women are no longer afraid to admit that although they love their children, they wish they could get back to the slender figures they enjoyed in their 20s.

Record number of mummy makeovers

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has reported that 62% of mothers, if money was not an issue, would consider undergoing cosmetic surgery to get their figures back. A record number of ‘mummy makeover’ procedures were carried out in 2010 and the numbers are not set to decrease any time soon. Procedures such as breast lift surgery, liposuction, tummy tucks and breast augmentations are often requested by women who are finding it hard to shift the post-pregnancy bulge with diet and exercise alone, and many are experiencing an increase in self-confidence as a result.

Safe and accessible

The rise in popularity of cosmetic surgery in general is thought to be a side-effect of the popularity of procedures like breast implants and liposuction amongst high profile celebrities, and the subsequent media coverage, which has normalised cosmetic surgery and made it more appealing to the general public. The technological advancements in the area have also made plastic surgery safer and more accessible, which also raises its appeal.

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If you are fighting a losing battle with the pregnancy bulge, then the friendly and helpful team at the North Adelaide Medical Centre, led by Dr. Margaret Anderson, are more than happy to help. Dr. Anderson has extensive cosmetic surgery experience and is proud to provide breast implants, breast reductions, tummy tucks and liposuction procedures to help you regain your figure.

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