Breast reduction: a choice for your wellbeing


For many women the choice to reduce their breast size is made with their health in mind.

Dr Margaret Anderson and our team of medical professionals are committed to providing treatments that can enhance our patient’s self-confidence and even their daily lives.

The size, shape and symmetry of a woman’s breasts can be directly related to how they feel about themselves and their level of self-confidence. Breasts that may feel too large for the body frame can present both emotion and physical concerns.

Physical concerns

Unfortunately enlarged breasts can be problematic for a number of different reasons. Large breasts can cause:

  • headaches or migraines
  • neck aches and muscle spasms
  • dermatitis on the lower folds
  • poor posture development
  • difficulty when self-examining
  • lifestyle changes, including inability to play sport

While all of these concerns can impact your physical life, they can also lead to emotional concerns.

Emotional concerns

The emotional concerns related to large breasts can involve:

  • A lower level of self-confidence
  • Difficulty finding appropriate clothing and bras which can be disappointing and embarrassing
  • Feeling excluded from activities.

The breast reduction treatment

Breast reduction surgery aims to reduce the volume of the breast material, whilst also reshaping and lifting the breasts. Many women who have had breast reduction surgery find an amazing relief from symptoms related to large breasts. In addition to this they often find it easier to shop for bras, clothes, t-shirts and swimwear.

What we aim to achieve with breast reduction treatment

Dr Margaret Anderson performs breast reduction surgery with the goal of reducing the breast size to a volume that you feel is in harmony with your body. In performing this treatment we also aim to achieve a shape and height that you are satisfied with, and will be durable over time.

Dr Margaret Anderson and our team of medical professionals also strive to achieve increased breast symmetry whilst also minimising and hiding any potential scars.

What to expect from your breast assessment

During your initial breast assessment we will need a proper medical history, as well as any documentation of family history of breast cancer. In this appointment we will perform a full examination of the breasts, in addition to looking for lumps and skin changes. During this appointment we will also discuss the expected outcomes of your surgery as well as discussing any potential complications that may occur.

Compassionate and experienced care

Dr Margaret Anderson is experienced in the breast reduction treatment. We provide compassionate and discreet care whilst also striving to ensure we meet your expectations.

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