Anti-Wrinkle injections: The liquid facelift

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Anti-wrinkle injections are often referred to as the liquid facelift as they offer a non-surgical and safe alternative to going under the knife…

Many patients opt for anti-wrinkle injections as they produce the desired result in a matter of day and last a number of months.   Our experienced and highly-qualified practitioners use anti-wrinkle injections to create a natural-looking reduction in lines and wrinkles and a softer, more refreshed appearance.

The most commonly treated area includes:

  • frown lines
  • crow’s feet
  • forehead
  • mouth
  • nose
  • smooth the chin
  • relax the jawline and neck bands
  • create a lift to the brow
  • treat excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis)

Anti-wrinkle injections are safe

The solution injected is a safe muscle relaxant, used for cosmetic purposes since 1987. The solution has been used by medical experts for decades to treat medical disorders such as migraines, cerebral palsy, hand tremors, tic disorders and excessive sweating.

Natural looking results

These injections are performed with extreme precision by our medically-trained team and are used to compliment and restore a youthful appearance,   not stifle it. Once the injections are administered, you can expect to see results within 2-3 days, with ultimate effects reached by around day 7. Results can last anywhere from 4-7 months. We take great pride in knowing that our anti-wrinkle injections provide natural looking results for our patients.

The units required to provide natural looking results depend on the area being treated.  Some cases may only require a small volume of product, while others may require more due to the strength of the muscle being treated. At your consultation we will assess your entire facial aesthetics to achieve the results you are after.

With Dr Margaret Anderson you can rest assured you are in safe and highly experienced hands.

Since only the very tip of the needle actually penetrates the muscle, the treatment is virtually pain-free and involves a few tiny injections using a very fine needle that feels like a pin-prick. As such, anesthesia or numbing not required, and the treatment is over in only a matter of minutes.

Am I a candidate for anti-wrinkle injections?

During your initial consultation, a number of factors will be examined to determine your candidacy such as your medical history and the severity of the wrinkles and lines that you want to minimise. At this consultation we can answer any questions you may have so you can make an informed decision about your treatment.

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